Thoughts. Why they are meaningless and irrelevant.

"How healing and liberating it is to learn, per scripture, that the initial automatic, random, unplanned, unintentional, involuntary thoughts that occur in our body, while normal and are to be acknowledged & accepted, are completely meaningless & irrelevant, until they are assessed for Truth"

-Author John Patrick

The Bible, in 2Corinthians, chapter 10, verse 5, tells us to hold thoughts captive for truthfulness. This verse, when fully understand, is often the 'spark' that initiates the healing and restoration journey for those suffering from strongholds such as fear, worry, or anxiety. Why? The sufferer learns from this scripture verse that: a) thoughts of all shapes and sizes (and the corresponding bodily feelings and emotions that they may produce) are totally and completely normal, and are to be acknowledged and accepted as reality, b) in most cases thoughts occur spontaneously, automatically, and randomly, without THEIR(their real identity) initiating them, c) thoughts are completely and totally 100% meaningless and irrelevant, until they assess them for truth, and d) their real and true identity is therefore not thoughts, it's 'THEIR BEING/SPIRIT/CONSCIOUS AWARENESS' that SEES them and evaluates them for Truth.

As scripture says, it's the TRUTH that sets us free from enslavement to negative thoughts/thinking. Our being/Spirit/conscious awareness can now choose to gently proclaim these Truths, regardless of the thoughts or feelings that are experienced.

Remembering these facts, when anxious or fearful thoughts occur, will lead to one's 'being transformed by their renewal of their mind' as scripture states, which will lead to a calmer mind, a calmer body, and more inner peace.