Healing journey. What is it?

Healing journey. What is it?

It's our experience here at the Christian Healing Blog, that healing for a Christian occurs, when they begin to proactively use their 'conscious awareness' self, to notice and assess thoughts as being either true or false, based on God's Word. (2Corinthians10:5). And, to 'g-e-n-t-l-y' respond to the normal false ones, with Truth. One soon realizes that the scripture truth below, is the 'conscious awareness' self's often common response to the majority of the false ones:

"I, conscious awareness Jane, are not worried about my life, my body, or tomorrow".

One will still experience thoughts such as: "You're not doing it 'right', because, you're still experiencing fearful, guilty, or angry thoughts". That is totally normal. We don't fight, deny, or try to eliminate them. We acknowledge and accept them. They're just a normal part of our 'denying our old man' self, taking up our cross, and following Jesus as scripture says. In time, the frequency and intensity of these negative thoughts and feelings, will decrease.

As noted by Carl Jung, the famous Psychiatrist, this 'healing' typically occurs in the second of half of one's life (after 40), when one starts dying to their ego/old man self. As Jung states, "there is no birth of consciousness, without pain". So, we choose to make a decision to be gentle on ourselves. We're doing just fine. We are already glorified, now we are being sanctified. As scripture says: "my grace IS sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness". AMEN!

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