"The only way of breaking the power of lies, is knowing, and speaking, God's Truth"


Judith MacNutt, Co-Founder, Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, FL


Anxious or Intrusive Thinking 

This truth above from Christian Mental Health Ministries founder John Patrick, often initiates the healing and restoration journey for many a believer. Since scripture tells us in 2Corinthians10:5 to hold (see) our thoughts captive for truthfulness, it implies that the initial automatic / involuntary thoughts that we experience or notice, while totally normal and are not to be resisted, are totally meaningless and irrelevant.  Thoughts are not 'US/I/ME'. Us/I/or me is the conscious mind faculty that 'SEES' the thoughts and 'ASSESSES' them for truthfulness. We then consciously proclaim God's Truth/Word, when we 'SEE' or 'ASSESS' a 'sticky' or 'troubling one' as being false or inconsistent with God's Word. 


As Christian Healing Ministries founder Judith MacNutt states above

"The ONLY way of breaking the power of lies, is KNOWING and SPEAKING God's Truth".

When anxious or intrusive thoughts occur

Changing your attitude and overcoming unwanted intrusive thoughts, from Dr's Sally Winston and Martin Seif:

  • Label these thoughts as "intrusive thoughts."

  • Remind yourself that these thoughts are automatic and not up to you.

  • Accept and allow the thoughts into your mind. Do not try to push them away.

  • Float, and practice allowing time to pass.

  • Remember that less is more. Pause. Give yourself time. There is no urgency. 

  • Expect the thoughts to come back again

  • Continue whatever you were doing prior to the intrusive thought while allowing the anxiety to be present.


Try Not To:

  • Engage with the thoughts in any way.

  • Push the thoughts out of your mind.

  • Try to figure out what your thoughts "mean."

  • Check to see if this is “working” to get rid of the thoughts

Christian Centering or Contemplative Prayer.  What are the benefits?

1) a calmer mind, 2) less nervousness and tension, 3) more energy, and 4) experiencing God's presence more deeply  

How to do it and a timer

"How healing it is to learn, that for Christians, the automatic-random-unplanned-involuntary thoughts they experience, while real, normal, and are to be accepted, are initially 100% totally meaningless & irrelevant"

- John Patrick

Two healing ministries, where you can speak/pray with someone over the phone:
The Evangelism Response Center: (800) 634-2462
The Prayer & Crisis Referral Network: (877) 800-PRAY
A healing ministry that provides virtual spiritual direction and centering/contemplative prayer aids:
Rev.  Maria Gullo       thedeeperconnection.org
Three healing ministries where you can either call in or submit an online prayer request: Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, Florida,  the International Order of St. Luke the Physician in San Antonio, TX, or the The Inheritance House in Orlando, Florida
National mental health support groups: 
The Grace Alliance​ & NAMI

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