Fearful Emotions


Experiencing intense emotions (ex. fear, guilt, anger), along with physical and/or bodily sensations, is totally normal. Yes, even every Pope that has ever lived, and Billy Graham, experienced intense emotions of fear. It's important that we have the tools necessary to deal with these emotions in a healthy fashion when they occur, so they don't become strongholds.

From Dr. Gail Brenner, as to what one can do when experiencing a strong / intense emotion

If you listen to this video once a day, and practice the concepts and teachings presented here by Dr. Brenner, you WILL master fear and all it's consequences in time.






A video on the 'Welcoming Prayer Practice', a practice that is proven and effective in handling intense or upsetting emotions








If intense emotions are something you struggle with on a regular basis, we highly recommend the teachings and resources of clinical psychologist Dr. Gail Brenner: https://gailbrenner.com/archives/?showall=1